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We are a group of people with 10 years of experience in the cosmetics business, with great ambitions to find the perfect solution to accelerate the growth of major cosmetic companies worldwide and bring the best products to all consumers.

Cosmetikke is a unique platform to connect cosmetics brands, distributors and consumers.

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Connecting the beauty market


Cosmetikke is a web platform that was born from a simple idea: create a unique, intelligent and innovative platform that that help to create connections between beauty brands, distributors and consumers based on artificial intelligence, generating a disruptive system of connections and interactions.

With a unique algorithm and an advanced artificial intelligence system, Cosmetikke is a web app capable of identifying common interests between cosmetic brands, distributors and consumers, generating opportunities that convert themselves into win-win connections.

Cosmetikke major goal is to be a powerful tool to solve the difficulties that each one of the beauty market players feels:


Expand and manage distribution.

Engage with consumers.


Source new brands.

Attract consumers.


Discover trendy products and suitable products.

Find sales point.

With a lot of experience in different areas of the cosmetic industry, such as regulatory, technical, branding, marketing and retail, we believe that technology can revolutionize the cosmetic market, creating bridges between the different players and delivering added value to each of them.

In 2019 Cosmetikke began to be thought and developed, and its launch was carried out in 2020. We will always be a growing and continuously developing project, with a great ambition and a very clear vision of using technology to improve and facilitate the life of companies, consumers and all players involved in the cosmetics market.

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