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Be creative and unique like a unicorn

Being authentic, unique and different is very important in today’s world. The creation of an innovative and creative identity can be fundamental, considering the amount of information and stimuli we are dealing with.

In the business world, many brands have invested in the formation of creative leaders, stimulated the work in multidisciplinary teams and acquired a lot of knowledge. All this effort aims to create valuable brands and products, and unforgettable experiences for its customers and consumers.

In this context with so much innovation, the unicorn concept emerges and draws attention for its strength, irreverence and symbolism. How can we use creativity in business and how to make this skill a differentiator? What is the Unicorn effect in startups? And how can we learn from this?


Symbol of innocence and chastity, he was described as a mysterious, ambivalent and hybrid creature. The figure of the unicorn dates back to the 12th and 13th century, and does not belong to any particular mythology, but was associated with European medieval imagery and linked to the concepts of Christianity.

The unicorn would be a horse with a spiral or smooth horn. His fur is white and silver and has a goat beard. A pure, docile and peaceful animal with healing and magical powers. The unicorn myth appeared in the arts, Christian religion and also in psychology.

Wild and fast, it was believed that he would have magical powers and that his horn would be able to purify liquids and neutralize poisons. His symbolism is present today in children’s books and in the business world he is a unique and rich character.

The unicorn appears in many legends, fables and stories and has an esoteric and spiritual meaning. The unicorn archetype is associated with goodness, luck, freedom, healing, alchemy, elevation and magic. He is also one of the symbols of the United Kingdom and is present in the royal coat of arms, in this the lion represents England and the unicorn, Scotland. The unicorn is also considered a symbol of light and spiritual strength.


Creativity and innovation have been part of the evolution of humanity for a long time. From the invention of the wheel, the lamp to the creation of computers; much of the progress we experience today, in the most diverse fields, came from ideas, creativity and innovations.

Creative companies have a greater chance of success due to their high capacity to adapt to new realities and deal with the competition. The creative professional manages to add value to the company or brand because he has an open vision, sees alternatives, questions and is able to see opportunities where many see only problems.

For many companies, creativity is an essential value, and being able to innovate has become almost a matter of survival. Creative leadership is essential to create teams of excellence.

Being able to bring together people with different skills to work together on the same project is very enriching and encourages creativity. Different views help to build unique solutions from different points of view.

In the corporate world, creative professionals are essential, as they have a great capacity to adjust to the new, see alternative paths and non-obvious solutions.

These professionals are able to simplify processes, facilitate the way of producing products, or even streamline a company’s commercial area, reducing costs and adding value to a brand.


Innovation is the watchword of the moment and creativity is its cousin sister. Together creativity and innovation move the world. We are seeing an enormous amount of professionals undertaking and innovating.

More and more companies are looking for creative professionals to work in the most diverse sectors. So learning to be more creative is a great idea, as well as an essential skill for life and business.

Although the understanding of creativity is complex, creativity itself involves a lot of simplicity. And so the simple can come to be seen as the most important, this is part of the paradox of the creative mind. Here are some tips to help you become more creative.

Practice creative leisure

Often creativity arises from the silence and stillness of the mind. Practice activities that help you relax and loosen your mind like meditation and walking. If you can, take that time to do nothing. Believe it can be powerful.

Allow yourself the new

Who is full of knowledge or without time, has no place for the new. Practicing new activities, learning a new language, meeting new places or people are natural stimuli for creativity. Everything that is different for us from the ordinary, stimulates creativity, even if it is doing something old in a new way.

Be less critical

We often prevent our creative potential from flowing, because we block or give up some ideas that seem too crazy or meaningless. Try to put all thoughts out without judgment, even if they don’t make sense right away, then you can do it and try to have fun in this process.

Write down the ideas

We often forget good ideas, because we think we will remember them later. It is very good to have a small pad to write down ideas quickly, as they arise. In the morning with a more relaxed mind, it is possible that good ideas or even solutions to problems may arise. Take note of everything.

Believe in yourself

Self-confidence is very important in order to be creative. We will never have everyone’s acceptance. Innovation or creativity needs to make sense to us first and thus be conducive to something good or better. It is not exactly necessary to transform the external world, but first our internal world.

Do the same thing differently

Very rigid or repeated routines limit our creative capacity. Try to make new paths, vary the activities you practice, change your schedules to do the tasks. Small adjustments can stimulate the brain and these simple changes are valuable stimuli to creativity.


Creativity is very important in general, but in the corporate world it is essential to achieve rapid success and make money. It can be a watershed between the conventional and the extraordinary.

The unicorn business concept was created in 2013 by Cowboy Ventures founder Aileen Lee, to refer to a specific type of organization. Unicorn companies are those valued at $ 1 billion before they even go public on the stock exchange.

These companies are usually startups, rare, valuable and hard to find. Conceptually, unicorns have specific characteristics, such as a high degree of innovation, have rapid growth, focus on the customer, support diversity and multiculturalism and have a strategy to acquire other businesses.

Unicorn companies existed even before this concept emerged as Facebook, Apple and Google. Unicorn startups are examples of companies that serve to inspire us by bringing lessons about focus, creativity and innovation.


Many unicorn companies are transforming the world of cosmetic beauty with their innovations and unique positions. Until recently, most companies with revenues of more than $ 1 billion were usually linked to the technology segment such as Uber and Airbnb; that are at the top of the list of unicorns.

In January 2019, there were only about 300 unicorn companies in the various segments of the world. The participation of beauty companies in the unicorn universe is still recent and some independent companies in the beauty segment made the extraordinary journey of becoming unicorns in a very short time.

Brands like Kylie Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Glossier, Huda Beauty and Pat McGrath Labs are some of the stars that are revolutionizing the unicorn world and bringing a lot of beauty and shine to the market.

What was previously considered to be just a beauty space niche, now these businesses are growing and are expected to reach US $ 750 billion by 2024. This movement has led many other brands and entrepreneurs to be inspired and to develop further quickly hoping to create her own unicorn dream of beauty.

However, beauty companies are still not as “respected” as innovation; in the sense of bringing some significant transformation to the world, but you can bet they’re on the way. We are increasingly observing the cosmetic market combining science and well-being to improve people’s quality and health.


Creativity can be understood as the ability to create improbable links between disconnected things. It is the ability to perceive the elements in unique combinations; and see possibilities beyond conventional or objective logic.

To be creative it is important to have sensitivity and intelligence, not to be afraid of making mistakes, being able to take risks and having the courage to deal with the new.

The idea of ​​the unicorn in the business world is very inspiring and symbolic and has a number of meanings, especially the fact that it “seems” common but has unique characteristics. In addition, it also connects with a greater purpose, expanding and giving a sense of identity to brands.

No segment matches this unicorn concept as much as the world of cosmetic beauty. And it is undoubtedly pure inspiration for the market. So I want creativity to become a culture of differentiation that is increasingly stronger, to create a more interesting and unique market.

I hope brands are inspired by this interesting concept of unicorn innovation. Few brands may be able to achieve this success, but during the journey, I want to be able to mix more and more creativity with science, helping to develop more sustainable, simple and multifunctional products and formulations. And that the magic of the unicorn concept can bring more quality, well-being and shine to the already so colorful and extraordinary world of beauty.


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