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Being Well & Well-being

At this time of post-pandemic recovery the connection of physical and mental health will be very important and the beauty rituals have always been an invitation to this connection. After all, our well-being depends on us being well.

Providing well-being is the main purpose of most cosmetic products, either for its hygiene function or for its beautifying functions.
But how will this industry adapt its products to this moment cleaning needs and invisible fears?

The association of health and hygiene mooved the products that were kept in our service area, such as alcohol and disinfectants, to our bags. We’ve never been so concerned about disinfection. But is it only in the aspect of cleanliness that cosmetics can act? And after all, how far can the products go, maintaining confidence in their main function and their values, without extrapolating their positions?

1- Emotional Connection – In times of social distance, the great challenge will be to bring brands closer to consumers. Trying to understand the consumption profile and merge this with your daily habits will be fundamental for products and brands more than ever. Now, the products become regular partners and, besides always being with the consumer on a daily basis, they are used intensively and become safe allies in our sanitizing habits. Based on this principle, it will be necessary to think about packages that allow easy handling and a more connected interaction with their users.

2- Creativity – This should be most important point to increase the function, performance and benefits of products that will need to become even more sophisticated. The famous 2 in 1 will now become basic. The antiseptic and antibacterial action will be regular and will remain for a long time. Adapting these demands to old functions will be fundamental. New categories and products will appear to minimize the effects of the use of so many alcohol-based products, with more intense hydration and with actives that strengthen the skin protection layers.

3- Invisible fear – New habits, daily routines and new demands will appear and with them new trends will emerge. Fear of what we don’t see, or control, can give opportunity to products with guaranteed duration for a few hours.
Extra claims associated with previously unthinkable categories such as makeup and antiseptic shadows may arise. The skincare category will have many opportunities to explore cleanliness and can specialize in new sub-categories by exploring this post-pandemic scenario.

4- Healing the heart – The industry will also need to take care of our emotional health as we will still be wrapped in fear and social distance. A good dose of hope and joy must be placed in the packages, in the form of fragrances, textures and colors that can stimulate our senses. The industry’s contribution will be subtle or even discreet but could have a major impact. The sensitivity of brands to use this opportunity can be a decisive factor if they adapt their product positioning and values.

5- Fun – Fun moments, more informal packaging and textures, more stimulating sensations and aromas will help excite our world. Besides making the moment of purchase more fun, this perspective can help to make the use also more playful and interesting.

We already know that cosmetics can offer not only their basic functions, but also textures, colors and fragrances, increasing their field of action and stimulating sensory experiences that will help us to relax and find more harmony.

It’s time for companies to analyze their core business and redefine strategies for repositioning their products to current market needs. When we take care of our beauty, we can take care of much more than just our hair, nails or skin. The products can take on an almost “magical” but possible and challenging role, to help overcome our fears, cleanse our body and even fill us with hope, having fun with their colors and inspiring us with fragrances!


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