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COVID – Resignifying this moment

We start the year 2020 as usual, full of enthusiasm, plans and strategies to accomplish and conquer a number of things. We were shaken by the pandemic and our lives were messed up. The situations of fear, loss, transformation and uncertainty still reverberate in the present days and must remain. The mood is one of uncertainty and doubt, but we must continue. Where should we go and how should we do that?

Even for those who didn’t experience the war closely, that situation was the closest the world’s population currently experiences. Those were difficult days and unthinking situations in a world as modern and organized as ours.

The experience left scars in our lives and for some even in the soul, but for sure we’ve all been transformed. And there’s our opportunity or even hope – transformation!

Many companies went bankrupt, jobs were lost, lives were disrupted, and business were transformed. For most the challenge was, and still is, huge. But to proceed we need to resignify this moment and I want to start by giving a new meaning to this word – COVID. From the pains and ashes that remain we need to find a new purpose and so lighten the scars as much as possible.

Transformation through Neurolinguistics

We’re living a new normal but starting over is never easy. The word to resign means to give new meaning to a fact or event. When we choose to re-signify an experience, we are determined to transform a negative event in our lives in something positive. This depends on a choice… and it takes a lot of commitment.

Meaning of Ressignify. I found two definitions for the word and I want to highlight”re” as being new. And another very special definition that comes from root of the word, which means – to take AFFECT from something.

Neurolinguistics is a science, which uses a technique to resignify experiments. In this way it helps people to give new meaning to negative events through a new perspective on the same facts.

How we internalize an experience depends on our “filters”, values. I referred to this as “the lenses we use to see the world.” If we change these lenses we change our view of the facts and as a consequence our feelings and behaviors.

Creativity to resignify

Seeing something difficult from a new angle requires creativity. Resignification is an important exercise to life, needs perseverance to build new paths. Sometimes the situation that we are in is so difficult that there seems to be no way out, but believe me, we always have an option.

Artistic works are a great example of resignification. Most of the time the artist turns facts or lived emotions into something completely new. To do something new we must believe it is possible.
From the same fact or experience each person can create different meanings. We are not determined by what happens to us but by how we deal with what has happened. It’s up to us to be creative about turning lemons into lemonades. Endings in beginnings.

In the face of the pandemic we must resignify our losses and challenges. Finding a new sense to continue, to offer a smile to invite someone to follow and to seek a new dream to conquer. It is time to reinvent yourself; of Courage, of Optimism, of good Values but we also need to be Intelligent and Determined to build new dreams.

I want to propose today to give a new meaning to the word COVID so that it can be remembered of something good too. That was the way I used to resignify this moment and also summarizes the values I sought to overcome my own challenges.


“We must generate courage equal to the size of the difficulties we face”
Dalai Lama

We’re much stronger than the storms that surround us. Changing an experience requires time to understand, elaborate, deal with the challenge and choose to build something better from what happened. It’s a journey and we may not be able resignify everything.

It takes introspection and courage to deal with the difficulty. We must try to understand pain and find out where it comes from and how we can improve it. Sometimes we must leave the things flow, turn the page and start over. We need to figure out how we can take some good profit from something bad. Just be afraid not to try because you won’t lack the courage.


“Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power”
William James

Re-signifying is a way to be more positive. We can’t change the past but we need to be grateful for everything that we’ve experienced, good or bad. We are where we need to be and we own our destiny.

We need to heal the wound to follow through. Forgiveness is liberating, we need to be free from guilt, frustrations and leaving everything in the past. Only in this way can we go further in search of new perspectives, dreams and meanings. The dreams are born from hope, desire and solving problems even without having all the answers. Keep dreaming.


“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary”
Albert Einstein

At every challenge in life we must do our best. We must strive and work hard for our progress. Our life is not determined simply by our conquests or battles but rather by the journey, the quality of the path, the learning, the friends we made and good principles and values that we build. We are greater than our experience and moments.


“Intelligence is the only means we possess to dominate our instincts”
Sigmund Freud

The difference between the fearful and the brave is that the brave continues to walk despite to feel fear. In suffering we tend to be trapped in the experience of what is behind us; paralyzed.

We tend to victimize ourselves and so we stop looking beyond that and giving ourselves a legitimate chance. We deal with anger, guilt and we often pass on that experience reviewing everything we did and how we could have done it better.

Change comes when we accept the past but look forward to the future and let go of what happened. Intelligence should help us to see new paths, get out of our comfort zone, grow.

When we distance ourselves from the experience/challenge lived, we can better look at the situation and, with more tranquility, and far from the emotions, we can reflect and give a new meaning.


“To want to win means to have already gone halfway to victory.”
Ignacy Jan Paderewski

The desire to overcome a problem is fundamental. We have been hit by the pandemic but we’re alive and that’s all we need to start over. It’s hard, it’s boring, it’s unfair.

We can spend some time suffering with the questions of life – Why me? Why my company? Why now? If it is necessary do this reflection, just do not expect to find all the answers, because for many there will not be any. We have to let go, accept the losses and only then are we free to start again.

I’ve learned that I need to resign as a way to face, to deal with. It is important to overcome, to transform oneself because little is definitive in life. We are masters of ourworld. Everything is constantly changing from companies, jobs, businesses; and if we have peace of mind we can be more open to the new and embrace the good things that are yet to come.

Companies and products are built on people, values, dreams and involve risks. It’s part of the game to win or lose, you have to hope to continue.

I want to end by talking about hope and trust, which I believe are very important words, especially at this moment. Hope is like a bridge to connect us to new opportunities linking our present to the future. And Trust is what depends on us to move and guide us on the new journey. And how do you deal with this Covid moment and what do you think about it?


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