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How Overcame Pandemic Exposure?

We are living in difficult, different and sometimes even frightening times. The way of living as we know it has changed to some extent. The concept of concrete reality and security has been shaken. What to expect from tomorrow? How will the future be? How can we deal with so many challenges? The only word that comes to me is HOPE. It is from the hope that dreams are born, a certainty in the face of the uncertainty that everything will end well. More than that, it is a force that moves us above the challenges.

But where does our hope live because it often seems that we have lost it, within ourselves. It is like losing an object at home, we know it is there but we cannot find it. I have a hunch … Hope “lives” in the back of our hearts in an almost secret compartment where we keep our happiness. When we are very happy we seem to forget to find hope because we do not perceive it in the midst of happiness.

However, when we are sad, it seems that our heart is empty and we need to search to look for something that makes us feel better. Searching deep inside and then we find her – our hope, kept in a corner, waiting to be found.

How important is hope in our lives? How can this powerful feeling help us to live better? Do we learn to have hope or are we born with it? Is it possible to sell hope?

Beauty and Hope

“At the factory we make cosmetics: at the store we sell hope”
(Charles Revson)

Hope is strongly linked to the world in which we live and therefore it is a feeling present also in marketing as in business. The most interesting part about hope is its abstract side, sometimes meaningless but which can develop in any terrain.

Charles Revson was a great American beauty entrepreneur who created and managed Revlon for five decades. Your famous marketing phrase explains the difference between basic and expanded product perceptions. According to the definition of marketing, a product is a set of attributes created to meet a concrete or subjective need of a consumer or market.

According to the concept of “a product’s value hierarchy”, it is possible to understand that in most cases the customer acquires the extended product experience. That is, it acquires what the brand means by being much more than the product itself represents. This concept is the basis for brand building and value experience for product differentiation through marketing.

Buying a soap, perfume or cream could be basic, but many things can be incorporated into the perception of the product. The texture, fragrance, shine and status expand the basic attributes and become part of something bigger than the product experience represents. So a consumer can purchase a soap but seek an experience of relaxation and indulgence with the product.

The beauty market was greatly impacted by the pandemic, especially the service sector. The commercialization of products acted as a kind of “balm” and helped people to improve their well-being and to “escape” from isolation with positive experiences.

Hope is an important emotion in our daily lives and has not been so well understood from the point of view of human behavior. It is widely used by marketing to influence consumption and can have a little positive bias when used to create high expectations about products.

Through cosmetics we can sell “hope”, in smells and sensations, in promises of youth and beauty that adorn and make life better. It can be understood as an unthinkable possibility of connecting with the hope within us. How can we imagine the smell of hope? Complex, but we can soon see fragrances offering perfumes that help improve hope.

Pandora’s Box

After all, what is this hope? The definition of Hope can be understood as the confidence that something good will happen … or the belief that a wish will come true. It is related to the illusory. We can define hope as the belief that positive events can occur regardless of the external circumstances not being favorable.

For Christianity, Hope, alongside Faith and Love, is one of the three theological virtues. For Christian theology, hope is the virtue that helps man to believe in the possibility of attaining eternal life through God.

However, Greek Mythology did not consider hope as a virtue but as an evil. According to the Pandora myth, the first woman, created by the gods, opens a box in which she contained all the evils of humanity – Pandora’s Box. When closing it, the only evil that remains inside it is Hope. The belief that hope is related to a superficial condition about the future, made it an evil for humanity according to this mythology.

About Faith

Faith and hope may seem synonymous but they are different words. However, hope is closely related to faith, because in difficult times they appear together and strengthen each other. To have faith, you must have hope.

Although the Faith as we know it most commonly is linked to the religious sense, it can also exist dissociated from this meaning. Faith can be the conviction about a concept that becomes true. It is possible to have a feeling of faith towards a person, an inanimate object, an ideology or even a thought.

Faith and hope by definition are related to our beliefs but Faith is more connected to our certainties while hope is related to our expectations. Faith is about the present and Hope looks to the future.

Faith and Hope has been considered an evolutionary tool that has helped man overcome great challenges and suffering such as war, plagues and individual suffering

Poetry and Hope

Hope can be a female figure, it can also be an animal or even a feeling. The color that represents hope is green, which is also linked to healing and prosperity. So we are surrounded by hope.

From poetry to philosophy, much has been said and reflected on hope. According to William Shakespeare “The miserable have no choice but hope”, for Aristotle “Hope is the dream of the awake man.” and Napoleon Bonaparte said “A leader is a seller of hope.” Fernando Pessoa wrote “Flood your heart with hopes, but don’t let them drown in them.”

And some more poems, for Augusto dos Anjos, Brazilian poet “Hope does not wither, it does not tire, Also as it does not succumb to Belief, Dreams go on the wings of Disbelief, Dreams return on the wings of Hope…” To Artur da Távola the perception of hope “Decorate yourself with daisies and tenderness, And brush your soul with flowers, With light frictions of hope, With a brushed soul and a fast heart, Get out of your own backyard, And discover your own garden…”

There are many different thoughts and perspectives of hope, we may not understand it so well, but we live most of our lives accompanied by it.

Time of Hope

We are living in the moment of the need to have hope. The search and identification with values ​​and expectations that allow us to move forward. I found this beautiful definition of hope in the book by this Portuguese author.

“… The hope is the discovery of another dimension beyond the concrete reality, which is given to us as a present, but after all it is a form of future promise that keeps us alive.“ Helena Sacadura Cabral – Book “Tempo de Esperança – Time of Hope”.

Sublime, intelligent and deeply beautiful. In this pandemic I found this book and it was very positive, but they say it is the books that find us. The story is curious because this book was acquired in Brazil although its launch is very recent.

A student was selling her books on the street to help pay for her college. The noble cause touched us and we acquired a book immediately, without even observing what it was about. This book came to Lisbon and within the pandemic it was one of the few books that was at home. It helped me to have more hope and so I fell in love with such a great and sublime author, a woman full of strength and hope.

Winds of Hope

How Overcame Pandemic Exposure?

My suggestion is to use :
H.O.P.EHarmony, Optimism, Patience and Effort

In a simple way, we must seek to be in Harmony despite all the chaos out here. In this balance, we are able to deal better with storms and remain strong.Adding a good dose of Optimism to the scenario is very good because thinking negative doesn’t help at all. So let us be as positive as we can be.

These are difficult times, a complicated and long pandemic, so I wish our Patience to strengthen. “There is no good that always lasts or bad that never ends” said popular wisdom. It takes patience to wait for the storm to pass without making things worse. It is with it that we will find strength and resignation to win this moment, after all it will be okay!

And finally what most depends on us: Effort. It is often difficult to deal with so many storms and problems, we can get tired of so much suffering. It is necessary to make more of this effort to seek overcoming within us that will make all the difference. It is the extra energy that drives us beyond what bothers us. We cannot give up, we need to continue and walk with strength and courage towards better days.

I believe that we are all born with hope, after all as a child we are pure desire; they believe in the impossible and the invisible. As life goes on, we increase or decrease our hope according to our beliefs and values.

We can comfort and strengthen ourselves by listening to stories of hope and overcoming and seek to draw positive and encouraging lessons from this moment. We must never let our hope die because without it life becomes more difficult and sad.

Hope is the fuel that feeds our soul and moves our lives. With hope we overcome challenges and happiness, health and success can become possible. Hope is the link between our present and the future we dream of. We need to strengthen our hope for better days. May winds of hope blow over the world. Happy new year, full of HOPE.

And what do you think of hope? What have you done to improve your hope?


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