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We are living in an intense moment full of information and transformations both by industries and companies and by consumers. The current globalized scenario and the pandemic have increased the volatility of the moment creating even more ambiguity and uncertainty to the market. All businesses are reinventing themselves and seeking new marketing strategies for their brands and products.

any market and planning strategies had to be readjusted by the pandemic. The new scenario or new path is not yet clear but needs to be followed. Most companies are redefining their strategies and establishing decision-based guidelines as to where not to go for sure. Many product, business and service lines are being reviewed or even discontinued.

To create new scenarios, in times of constant change, it is essential to acquire even more information. It is necessary to be creative in order to build several mental maps, and thus exercise the maximum of possibilities to deal with expectations.
We are full of external stimuli, saturated with information and exhausted by creating so many scenarios. The brands are wrapped in a series of doubts and there is a great tension that moves and directs us.

How can we keep business focused and teams motivated in the face of so many uncertainties? We need to find opportunities that really build value and make sense to businesses and consumers. It’s time to reduce excesses and focus energy on what really matters.



The concept originated from Buddhist philosophy, and although it is not new, it is still very much in vogue. The idea of mindfulness is to live the moment consciously and without self-judgement. In this way it is believed to be possible to connect with more focus on our essence, better manage the available internal resources, creating more harmony for our life.


Also known as full attention, mindfulness uses breathing and meditation techniques and proposes a change of perspective from the automatic model; from doing several things at once to a more focused performance on here and now. It is also based on the search for true purpose and intentions for a happier life.

In practice, philosophy helps to calm the mind and to replace excess information.
It makes it possible to exchange quantity management for quality in choices; increasing levels of concentration and satisfaction. Through mindfulness, it is possible to access a series of strategies to experience a more balanced daily life and a greater fulfilment of goals.


The role of marketing is fundamental in companies and each day this importance becomes more essential and strategic. Through marketing tools it is possible to build a brand, make the buying journey better and shorten the distances between consumers and companies.

The full attention approach in the marketing environment leads us essentially to a closer approach with the customer and everything that guides his universe. The use of full attention techniques in such an accelerated marketing environment, allows for a transformation strategic vision and positioning of companies.


y investing in the journey of looking at marketing, through full attention, we create a new approach and become more aware of what actually has value in companies.
We spend more time to better understand the essential reasons that really matter in building a product, than in the communication and sales aspects that involve it.

This change in perspective does not depend on the size of the company, but on the legitimate intention to rethink what really matters to your brand and business. We must reflect on whether today we are more concerned about sales or the customer. Your team is mainly focused on positioning products in the market or they are focused on understanding and improving the customer experience.

We must make a caveat, because all companies need to make a profit and have sales targets. All areas are important but the question arises to define what guides the company and where it is focusing. The proposal is to stimulate reflection, to seek a greater or more important meaning. In this way, finding the essence of the company will be easier to achieve the commercial objectives.

Reducing friction on the journey, reviewing sales channels and packaging are actions that can help create more value in the consumption relationship of the product or brand. It is important to think about the most essential relationship between product and consumer, evaluating every detail of the consumption process before, during and after. This exercise of understanding the customer and his expectations is very rich to help create value to the brand and find the most legitimate way to bring the values of the company closer to those of the customer.

Understanding what happens to the customer during the consumption experience of a product should be increasingly primordial. Building products based on this knowledge and structured in the values that the company believes in, will undoubtedly build successful brands and products.


Scenarios, perspectives and trends will always exist and are fundamental for business management and strategies. However the important thing is to find out how to adjust these perspectives to each company’s values and business objectives.

We are living in the moment of value marketing, where brands need to build positions and products that make sense in their market vision. Today we see both the search for the magical ingredient; the holy grail of cosmetics and we see brands building amazing products based on common ingredients like flowers, carrots and almonds. The place where the ingredient is being planted or developed has become very valuable, because it starts to build the history.

Less can be much more. We need to look at the competition, at the market, but it’s time to look inside the business and see what makes sense for the brand or companies. Only then will we build a sincere truth that will stimulate the customer to want to buy from one brand and not another.


In a market as competitive as beauty, it is increasingly difficult for the consumer to understand the differentiation behind brands. Many companies do not know what the real purpose of their brands is and are really lost along the way.

Many products or lines are launched simply because the competition has done it or because it seems to be an opportunity and they have stopped thinking about the purpose behind it. This moment has made us reflect and rethink about: what we are doing, why we do it and what purpose it is made for.

Every ingredient and packaging needs to be connected to this truth and from this comes a great strength for brands. Many niche companies are growing with focus and strength on that essence, in the simplicity of its formulation but in the coherence of its purposes. Its products have a history, a greater reason to exist and how to improve the planet, make people’s lives healthier or create a good experience.

Companies are born of people and made by people. So more and more we need to be part of something bigger and get involved with brands that have “soul”. So if you can’t bring the whole essence of full attention to your work, try to exercise the quest on a purpose for your life.

Perhaps then you will be able to go deeper into this journey to find your purpose as a person or professional and then as a business. Companies are born from dreams, from our intention to do something our way; to perfume the world with our ideas. Try build your story, put your heart into it and enjoy the journey, have fun and success will come as good consequence.


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