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Search the Rainbow after the covid storm!

In times of pandemic we have to search all resources, physical or emotional, to overcome this crisis. Here are some good ideas to help you stay strong and above all with a positive mind to turn the game around.

Wars, epidemics and crises have always led humanity to evolve in some way, rethinking processes and improving the quality of life. Diseases such as plague and cholera have been ruthless but have enabled social advances. In the 14th century, for example, the plague decimated about a third of the world’s population but led to major cultural, religious and economic transformations that resulted in the Renaissance. The period was marked by concern for human issues and the very notion of beauty gained strength from this moment on. The Spanish flu (1918), the Asian flu (1957), among others, led to the evolution of vaccines and the expansion of hygiene and health care. Although difficult, valuable lessons have been learned and now it will be no different.

Even with the unexpected impact of this moment, in the medium and long term we will gain much, in historical terms, as a society. In the future, we will no longer be the protagonists of the moment, and we will see many solutions and changes that will arise and influence our way of acting in the world from now on. So we just need to stand firm now, have a positive attitude and wait for the storm to pass.

The beauty market is extremely resilient and research shows that, despite the crisis, the intentions of consumption in this segment will still be maintained. The Covid19 crisis will accelerate trends in this segment, shaping the market as predicted by the McKinsey report – How covid-19 is changing the World of beauty. It also mentions a positive attitude of the consumer in the world, showing that there is still pleasure in “self-care Sunday” or “use lipstick before a zoom meeting”, even during the pandemic.

The study conducted by Boutique Research “What’s next? Be ready!, about the purchase intention and consumption habits in the post pandemic, pointed out that 51% of the Portuguese wanted to go to the hairdresser/ manicure/ barber as soon as they finished the quarantine in a “revenging spending” effect. So the beauty segment is still an important part of people’s daily lives and relates to their well-being and so we have good reason to hope for the future.

Have you ever thought about changing your sales channel, repositioning your brand or even teaming up with a competitor?
Maybe that’s the right time to think about the unthinkable until now.

1- Inhale, exhale and don’t go crazy
Don’t let fear take over. To make good decisions you have to stay calm and evaluate the best alternatives. When we are experiencing a problem, emotions make it difficult for us to look at the scenario from a larger perspective, and only then can we see alternatives that we often do not even think about before.

2- Create potential scenarios
One of the best lessons of planning is that we need to draw several scenarios and so we exercise to see several options for the same problem. Even if you can’t see a good solution you will still have seen some viable alternatives.

3 – Have faith
If you have lived so far without faith it may become more difficult to deal with this reality. If you cannot connect with something bigger try to connect with yourself. Try to meditate and keep hope because without it we lose the ability to create a new world.

4- Cooperation
We’re experiencing a time of linking skills to resources. Together we can be stronger and join forces. Be open to new ways of cooperating and working. Maybe associate with a competitor!

5- Less could be more
Select items of your brand that bring you the best recipe and try to remake your portfolio with strategy. This way you can direct your efforts at a smaller amount of products and make adjustments easier.

6- Courage to face the truth
Turn your life and your work around. Review your choices and priorities. Consider all the options including giving up of the business, no matter how difficult it is. Make decisions that bring more peace to your life in the long run.

7- Face your fears
We are so surrounded by uncertainty that it’s no use having fears all the time. Neutralize the negativity around you and don’t paralyze, we need to move forward in spite of everything.

8- If life gives you lemons…
Use the resources and options that are available and be creative. Complaining won’t help improve things. So use the tools you have and do your best.

9 – Don’t overreact!
Focus on the reality, do not let the emotional thinking overvalue the problems. No matter how bad the situation is there must be a way out!

10- Empathy
As hard as it is for you to experience your challenges, never forget that you have other people with bigger problems and that you can help! Be balanced and try to do your best.

These are difficult times and the measures required can sometimes seem extreme. Remember that everyone is experiencing the same challenge despite having different scenarios and resources. Review the significance of your brand, reflect on what motivated you to work, find a new meaning, a purpose and focus on what you can achieve. Do not give up your dreams but choose your battles wisely.

Despite today’s challenges do not forget that tomorrow will come. Dream of what is best for you and your business. If you keep your optimism, everything will work out for the best.


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