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The Cosmetikke tool allows cosmetic brands to find new distributors for their brand, and in the other hand to interact with consumers or potential consumers.

With an artificial intelligence system, powered by a complex algorithm, Cosmetikke was developed for ambitious and visionary brands.


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Find Distributors in the European market

With Cosmetikke and is innovative matchmaking tool you will find and grow the perfect distribution network inside the European market. Finding distributors is not an easy task, but finding distributors with the right profile for your brand is even more difficult.

Discover market trends

Knowing the market is essential for the success of a brand. With Cosmetikke you will be able to assess consumer trends, the relationship between demand and supply, among several other essential indicators from a strategic point of view.

Engage with your brand audience

Proximity to the audience is now a key factor for any brand. With Cosmetikke, your brand will be able to interact in different ways, increasing engagement and growing your audience, while making you more loyal to your brand.


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