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Cosmetikke was developed for beauty brands that want to grow globally.

If you are a beauty Brand, you can´t lose the opportunity to use Cosmetikke to help you grow internationally and create a really engaged audience.

Create and manage your company


Create your company profile, with detailed description, media, presentations and certifications.CCC

Control all data and follow all interactions related to your company.

Stay tuned with the market


Discover curated news, articles and product reviews from around the globe.

Updated calendar with the main fair and events worldwide.

Create and manage your portfolio


Create and manage your brands.


Add or import products, with descriptions, media and documents, max and min price, sizes and many more.

Define what is the buyer profile you are looking for, by product or group of products.

Match with new buyers around the globe


Receive and approve new matches.

Start negotiate directly with buyers.

Engage with consumers


Interact with your customers and grow your audience.

Test your products with specific consumers panels.

Direct consumers to your sales points.

Track sales performance.

Get access to valuable data of the beauty market.

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