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Collect authentic ratings & reviews with a couple of clicks. Your product pages and the ones from your retailers will thank you.

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Questions & Answers

If you wouldn’t ignore a customer in your store, why ignore them online? We equip you with the tools you need to respond to customers. Because the brands and retailers that respond see an average 98% increase in conversion.


The content generated by consumers is responsible for doubling the conversion rate of consumers. Collect product fresh photos and videos with our UGC tools, providing a real content experience, without filters for your customers in a simple way.


Sampling Campaigns

Matching you to your ideal target audience. So you get more high-quality reviews, photos, and social buzz. All while sending fewer samples. Make a splash with product launches or inject life into existing products with our sampling products.

Social Buzz

Create missions for consumers that will receive samples of your products, so you can easily generate social buzz, engagement and brand awarness through the Cosmetikke Tribe community, tracking in real time the social evolution generated by each of your nano influencer.


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